5 Ways to Cope Masturbation (Men and Women)

Do exercise regularly every day or at least three times a week. A person can easily discard the desire to masturbate excessively. There are many sports that can be done including walking, jogging, or sports at the fitness center using some of the tools or machines provided.

1  . More hobby

How to stop masturbation addiction is to do a hobby. The benefits, your mind and energy will be taken to do things that are far more useful. If you are tired and satisfied with the activities carried out, you can rest well without thinking about masturbation.

2.  A lot of socializing

One sign of those who love masturbating is rarely to socialize. They tend to be more in the house or room. Psychiatric disorders such as anxiety and the like can also occur and cause a person to be afraid of meeting people.

Another reason why someone is more at home is to make it easier for them to masturbate. By not being outside, masturbation can be done anytime without any interference.

3. Seeking help

If you feel unable to solve the problem of being addicted to masturbation alone, it’s good to ask for help. The most appropriate help is to consult a doctor or sexologist. With their help, someone who is addicted to masturbation will be helped to recognize the problem then slowly will be helped also how to overcome it.

4. Join a support group

It is undeniable that various ways to stop masturbation addiction can be easily found. Unfortunately, some people find it difficult to accept this because they require more concrete examples. In addition, they also need opinions from others.

They masturbate excessively and it is difficult to stop it from being able to join a support group . This group will provide information that is more practical because it is done directly by many people. In addition, encouraging each other with the same problem will make the sufferer a passion for overcoming the problems experienced.

5.  Ask for help from a partner

One of the mistakes that are often made by those who are married is not to be honest with their partners. Even after getting married, anything can be discussed properly, including this masturbation problem. If you often experience addiction to masturbation, chances are that sexual activity with your partner will also be disrupted.

Talk about this issue with your partner so you can find a solution together. Usually couples are often embarrassed or reluctant to say it because they don’t want to see their partner disappointed. Even if this sex problem is left unchecked, a big problem can arise later on.

Here are some tips to stop masturbation addiction which turned out to be very easy to do. Masturbation can indeed provide benefits especially for those who often experience disorders with their mood or mind. However, if it has been done excessively it can affect many things including a decrease in productivity.

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