Best 2019 Text Editor for Creating a Website:

Building a website is inseparable from its name coding, whether it’s building from scratch or using CMS like WordPress, Drupal, Joomla and others. For those of you who are studying and pursuing the field of website creation, of course you need a text editor.

What is a text editor? Text editor is a software used to create, store and edit documents without having to save them in a special format or extension. In another sense, the text editor allows you to create various types of files for various purposes.

With a text editor you can open and create HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, Python and various other types of text-based files. In building a website, one of the mandatory tools for programmers is of course this text editor. You can find the default text editor on every operating system that is now, for example notepad.

However, is not enough just with Notepad? of course the answer is no.

In developing a website, we need a comfortable “workplace”. Well, one of the features that must be in every text editor is syntax coloring. Syntax coloring is coloring code so that it becomes easier to read by programmers.

So what is a good text editor for developing your website? The following lists the Best Text Editor for Website Programs:

1. Atom

Atom is the best text editor for writers to date. Atom is a text editor that can be used on Windows, Linux and Mac OS. Atom has a variety of features, ranging from diverse themes, syntax colors that are pleasing to the eye, and available in various packages that you install to suit your needs. Besides that Atom has a File system browser feature, Multiple panes, Smart autocompletion and Cross-platform editing.

2. Sublime Text

Text editor that is familiar to all of us, Sublime Text. Sublime This text can be used on Windows, MacOS and Linux operating systems. Display that can be changed font shape and color makes programmers not bored to use it. The Sublime Text feature is a plugin that can make it easier for you to write program code.

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