Don’t Eat Junk Food and Drink Soda Together!

If observed, one of the easiest types of drinks found in fast food restaurants is soft drinks. For this reason, after we consume junk food like a burger, it will feel even better if we consume refreshing soft drinks. The problem is, health experts call eating burgers and drinking soda together can have a detrimental effect on the health of the body.

The bad impact of eating burgers and drinking soda together

Health experts call burgers high in calories. Unfortunately, soft drinks also have high-calorie content. We can feel this from the strong sweet sensation when consuming it. This means, if we consume burgers and carbonated drinks simultaneously, it will make excessive calorie intake and eventually trigger a buildup of fat in the body.

Based on a study conducted involving 27 adults, these participants checked their eating habits four times. The first two eating sessions were carried out by consuming 15 percent of protein-based foods. The first meal session was combined with sweet drinks, and the last meal session was combined with sugar-free drinks. The next two eating sessions consisted of 30 percent protein foods and different types of drinks as in the first two eating sessions.

In a study which was later published in a journal titled BMC Nutrition, the fact that consuming sweet drinks after eating high-calorie foods such as burgers could reduce fat oxidation. This condition also affects the body’s metabolic system slows down. This means, if we often eat burgers or other fast food and combined with soft drinks, then the weight will be easier to ride.

“Even though burgers and soft drinks can provide energy, consuming both won’t make us fuller. We also like to continue to consume it, “said the leader of this study, Shanon Casperson, PhD.

Soft drinks should not be consumed together with the following foods

In addition to fast food such as burgers, health experts also advise us not to consume carbonated drinks along with certain types of foods or drinks.

Here are the foods and drinks.

1. Foods that have high milk content

In addition to dairy products, foods with high milk content such as cakes are also not recommended for consumption together with soft drinks. If we consume it together, the production of stomach acid will increase. This will cause symptoms such as bloating, nausea, vomiting, and a heat sensation in the pit of the stomach.

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