Easy Way to Manage References for Zotero Thesis:

One of the things that must be faced by every final student is  SKRIPSI . Yup, Thesis is a word of horror for some students, especially senior students (read: old) like me . Thesis is a term used in Indonesia to illustrate a scientific paper in the form of exposure to the writings of undergraduate research results .

One of the most crucial things in thesis is reference. This is a matter that is very noticed by the lecturers. We should not take the words of people from books, journals and papers to the scientific work that we make without including the source. If we do that, we can be considered to have committed a “crime” in the world of education because we have already committed theft … hehe: ‘)

Well the problem, we often forget to include references from the journals that we download because they confuse the journal with whatever we quote and don’t. This usually occurs due to the many references we download but which we don’t organize properly.

To overcome the above problems, we need the name reference research management application. There are many applications of this type on the internet, but my lecturer recommends using Zotero as our reference management assistant. Here are the advantages of Zotero:

Zotero has Multi Operating Systems

In the world of education, many of the students not only use the Windows operating system, but also the Linux and Mac OS operating systems. This is very important because we will be able to use zotero on any operating system we use. I already use zotero on the Linux operating system and now on Mac OS, and there are no obstacles I face when using it.

Zotero Has Own Cloud Storage

One feature that I really like from Zotero is the cloud feature. So each journal that we save into Zotero, will be uploaded directly to our Zotero cloud account. This is very influential on the first point, namely the multi-operating system. By using zotero cloud account, every time we log into zotero desktop or web, every journal we save can be accessed easily. And we don’t need to be afraid of losing those data.

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