High Cholesterol, Avoid 4 Types of Seafood

People with high cholesterol are not allowed to consume food. If we eat foods with high cholesterol or fat levels, the health conditions experienced can become more severe.

Is seafood included in foods that are high in cholesterol?

Health experts call seafood included in foods with high cholesterol levels. Indeed, not all seafood is bad for cholesterol sufferers. Some types of sea fish for example have high levels of omega 3 fatty acids, which can reduce cholesterol levels. It’s just that, some other types of seafood can actually increase cholesterol levels.

Here are some seafood that should be avoided by people with high cholesterol.

1.  Shrimp

Who doesn’t like this delicious shrimp? Indeed, we exclude exceptions for those who have allergies with shrimp or other seafood. It’s just that, for people with high cholesterol, it’s good to not eat shrimp in large quantities or at frequent frequencies because it might make cholesterol conditions worse.

For information, in 15 medium-sized shrimp already contain 155 mg of cholesterol. If we process it with fried or even added with flour, then the cholesterol level will increase rapidly so it can be dangerous. For this reason health experts advise us to process it by steaming it or just baking it. Also, make sure not to consume it too often.

2.  Lobster

Widely known as delicious seafood at high prices. This fact is true. Unfortunately, behind the delicacy and luxury offered by lobster, we must also be careful when consuming it. How not, if we eat 3 ounces of lobster meat, we have 61 mg of cholesterol! If this lobster is processed using oil or given extra butter, the cholesterol level will certainly increase.

3.  Crab

Crab is also included in seafood with high cholesterol levels because in 3 ounces of meat has provided 71 mg of cholesterol. Unfortunately, the processing that is given extra butter or oil can make this cholesterol content far more and harmful to health.

4.  Oyster

If we consume six medium-sized oysters, we will get 58 mg of cholesterol. We can also get the same amount of cholesterol if you consume 19 shells with small size. This means, we do have to limit the consumption of shelled seafood.

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