Recognize Some Myths in Wrong Fitness

Fitness performed in a gym or fitness center is one of the modern lifestyles carried out by urban communities. People who live in cities tend to be very busy so it will be difficult to exercise in the morning even for a while. By doing fitness at the gym, we will have a good time and place to train the body. Unfortunately, many people still believe in some myths when doing fitness in the gym which turns out to be inappropriate.

Many people come to the gym to eliminate the fat that accumulates in the stomach. In fact, exercise in the abdominal muscles has another purpose to make the muscles around the abdomen become stronger, not to remove fat. Did you know, fat can spread to various places in the stomach. If we want to eliminate belly fat, besides diligently doing sit ups, we need to do cardio exercise by lifting weights to reduce body fat levels.

The next myth about fitness is if we sweat, then we have done the exercises well. This turned out to be incorrect because even though we had spent a lot of sweat, not necessarily we did fitness properly. Which is an indicator of whether we have done fitness properly or not is actually the right technique, not whether it has sweated or not. The same is true for some people who think that fitness is not good if we don’t feel pain in the muscles. If you do exercise until your muscles experience pain, then you have done an improper training technique. If we ignore this pain, the muscle may be injured which can be fatal to our body.

The last myth that is often heard at fitness is that women should not do heavy training so that their muscle mass does not increase and grow stout. Basically, women do not experience significant increase in muscle mass due to the lack of testosterone in a woman’s body. If a woman is diligent in doing fitness, then her weight goes down and her body shape gets better without the need to fear being muscular.

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