The FINAL LIST of WhatsApp tricks :

you should know For many, it may not be the best messaging application available on Android, but if WhatsApp has become the most used instant messaging platform on the planet, it will be something. Some people criticize that the application acquired by Facebook a few years ago is too simple. Others, however, highlight this simplicity as one of the main attractions of the service.

WhatsApp Changes:

 However, with each update, WhatsApp introduces new changes that, on more than one occasion, go unnoticed and the bulk of users of the platform do not even realize they are. The same thing happens with some of the most useful features of the app. That’s why today, and as we have done on other occasions as with the security guide, we will collect some of the most useful WhatsApp tricks after the application has received dozens of updates and over the past few months. Los Mejores trucos sencillos para WhatsApp On several occasions we have already detailed the options that WhatsApp offers to the millions of users who use the platform every day, to be able to stay safe. Thanks to these tools, being invisible in the messaging application is much easier. Disable the last connection time Perhaps this is one of the first options that the obsessed of privacy carry out when opening WhatsApp for the first time. Deactivating the time of last connection, will prevent other people from knowing when we have accessed the app for the last time, although we will also stop seeing the time of last connection of other users.


 We recommend you: How to always have the latest WhatsApp update. To do this, simply access the settings of the application, and in the “Account” section, open the “Privacy” section.

The first option that we will see will allow us to choose who we want to see this information in the chat window: All, My contacts or Nobody. Goodbye to double blue check The invention of the demon that some call double blue check can also be disabled, luckily. At some point in their existence, someone on WhatsApp thought that offering users the possibility of knowing if a sent message has been read was a good idea

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