Watch out, Junk Fats can reach the brain!

Although it tastes good and is favored by many people, in the reality of junk food or fast food can harm health. This is due to the high content of saturated fats in it. If consumed in excess, saturated fat can cause problems in the heart and blood vessels.

The danger of saturated fat in junk food

A recent study conducted at the University of Glasgow, Scotland produced another surprising fact about junk food. The saturated fat content will not only enter the bloodstream and damage the heart or blood vessels. This fat can even reach the brain and can cause far more severe health effects!

Indeed, this study still uses experimental mice, but the researchers believe that the impact can be the same if it occurs in the human body. This also affects the hypothalamus part of the brain, the part that controls emotions. The effect is, we can experience depression or other brain function disorders!

Professor George Baillie, the leader of this study, said that it has long been known that anti-depressant drugs used to treat depression or other mental problems tend to be less effective in those who are obese. This turned out to be related to the high stack of fat in the body, including in the brain.

Seeing this fact, it’s best not to consume junk food randomly. Taking it occasionally may be done, but if done every day, it could be the risk of being exposed to various types of health problems that can increase.

Other bad effects of junk food

Health experts say there are many bad effects of junk food if consumed too much or too often.

Here are some of them.

1. Can damage memory function

Based on a study, it was mentioned that people with good health conditions but consuming junk food for five consecutive days will experience a significant decrease in memory function. Besides, the sensitivity of the body and liver function also decreases. The content in junk food is said to interfere with chemical reactions in the brain which eventually causes inflammation. This is what then decreases its function.

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