Ways to Stop Masturbation Addiction

Masturbation is one of the normal sex activities. Everyone can do this especially those who are not married. Some people even use it to eliminate saturation and fatigue. If it’s already annoying, immediately do a way to stop masturbation addiction!

Masturbation effects too often

Masturbation can affect one’s mood for the better. If done excessively, the effect of masturbation can cause many things to harm both physically and mentally. Someone who masturbates excessively both men and women can experience some of the things below.

  • Difficulty concentrating in his work. Someone with this condition will think about things related to sex. If this condition continues to be tolerated, it is likely to reduce productivity.
  • The body will tend to become weak and someone is lazy to do anything. They will also be in the room more than going out and socializing.
  • Start experiencing addiction to pornography. It cannot be denied anymore that someone who frequently overexposes masturbation often often watches pornographic videos or sees pictures.
  • Sexual life can experience interference. Because someone will get used to sex alone. When they have sex, they are also obsessed with doing something similar to what is in the video even though not everyone can do it.
  • Sex ability will experience a decrease in both the ability to receive stimuli to get an orgasm.

How to Stop the Addiction to Masturbation

If you feel you masturbate excessively and have a hard time stopping it, it’s good to do a few things to avoid it. Thus, you can reduce the frequency of masturbation and live normally.

Here’s how to stop being addicted to masturbation for men and women:

1. Avoid the trigger of masturbation

The first thing that must be considered carefully by those who want to quit the habit of excessive masturbation is to avoid the trigger. Everyone has different triggers. If the trigger is not avoided properly, the possibility of stopping masturbation will be small.

One of the triggers of masturbation that is very strong is pornography. If someone is very close to pornography, most likely, they will easily masturbate. Especially if pornography in the form of videos or images is easily accessed from a cellphone. If you want to stop masturbating excessively, avoid various triggers, especially pornography.

2. More exercise

The cause of masturbation is too much free time that is not used properly. Finally, the mind is more focused on pornography and the like. If someone is doing more physical activities that drain energy such as exercise, the desire to masturbate will be small.

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